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Development companies can be broadly divided into two categories: contract development companies and lab-type development companies. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages separately for each.

Advantages of placing an order with a contract development company
-Since the functions of the system are defined in detail, the trust company operates only for the purpose of implementing the designated function "only". If only the first system requirements are defined, the development is done at the contract company, so there is no need to use in-house engineer resources.
-Since the delivery company is responsible for delivery, the system will be delivered according to the specifications decided in advance.

Disadvantages of placing an order with a contract development company
・ Estimates are recorded for each function, so if you add functions or change specifications during development, additional costs will be incurred.
・ Specifically at the time of starting, when development was started in a situation that was not decided in detail, looking at what was completed, the situation that `` it was not supposed to be like this '' was invited, and as a result, the delivery time was greatly extended and the cost increased It leads to it.

Advantages of placing an order with a lab-type contract development company
・ Lab-type development means "a contract that guarantees the minimum amount of work to be ordered in a certain period of time (from 3 months)". Therefore, regardless of whether there is no mounting work, by securing a dedicated programmer in advance, you can flexibly request development, and you can accumulate specifications details and development know-how at the ordering company There is.
・ There are always multiple system development projects, and it is highly beneficial for companies that want to place regular orders and constantly improve their products, and can continue to secure excellent human resources at low prices.

Disadvantages of placing an order with a laboratory development company
When doing lab-type development, even if there is no development project, the cost for the minimum guarantee will be incurred. The company is required to make an appropriate ordering plan and place an order.

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