Nobuhito AKIMA


Joined Nikko Cordial Securities (currently SMBC Nikko Securities) as a new graduate. Assigned to the Kobe branch. From the first year, the rich people development ranking prize. A lot of winning a prize such as profit ranking, fund introduction contest. Upon reaching 30 years old, he went to Singapore and was founded with his own funds. Launched BBQ food delivery service Privilege Barbecues <> and sold it to a local warehouse operator in January 2015. In April of the same year, he participated as a fund raiser in Spiral Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in Southeast Asia / India / Japan startups. After that, in January 2018 he joined La torche Co., Ltd., which focuses on business development consulting and international development consulting, as a new business development manager and director. Established GAX Co., Ltd., which is responsible for offshore development PM business.

Graduated from Hosei University.


iCog Labs @ Ethiopia

iCog Labs is a research and development company headquartered in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. We work with international AI research groups to serve customers around the world. His main areas of expertise are machine learning-based data analysis, computational linguistics, video and image recognition processing, mobile robots and cognitive robotics, cognitive architecture and artificial intelligence. iCog Labs is a core contributor to the OpenCog open source AI platform and uses OpenCog within projects as needed. OpenCog is an open source project that studies the computer's cognitive ability and thinking.

Our mission is to advance Africa in the future using advanced artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, and advance science and technology for all mankind.

iCog Labs Lead Member

Getnet Aseffa, CEO

Dr. Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientific Advisor

David Hart, Chief Information Officer

Sander Olsen, Strategic Advisor

iCog Labs collaborates with many international organizations to promote its business.

​Embassy of the United States in Ethiopia

JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency)​

Dr. Gino Yu’s lab at Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

the OpenCog Foundation

the nonprofit futurist advocacy organization Humanity+


A part of iCog's publicity that was covered in the past is posted.

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ICog is hosting a business plan contest sponsored by the US Embassy in Ethiopia and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

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