Machine / Deep Learning for Your business

─ Data utilization in companies is an urgent need. We collaborate with iCog Labs (Headquarters / Ethiopia) and Nexus Frontier Tech (Headquarters / London), which are collaborating in the utilization of big data. After data cleansing, we will work together with the Ethiopian side and Vietnam side.


We will explore the possibilities of machine / deep learning by cooperating with the above two companies, which have many achievements. iCog Labs side boasts a system of 80 people, mainly Python engineers. Nexus Frontier Tech has a global development structure and overwhelming track record of infrastructure development. The operation system including the Japanese side adopts a laboratory development model.

Please refer to WORKS at the bottom of this page for past results.


Details will vary depending on your situation, so please feel free to contact us.


iCog Labs Client


US chocolate maker

Crawling the entire web and analyzing trends in how their products are eaten. As a test, we developed our own AI-based algorithm and software system for crawling the entire Web.


An online platform that connects home centers and consumers

A platform that directly matches suppliers and users without inventory. iCog has developed a chatbot for the site. He worked on most of the application fundamentals, from data collection to natural language analysis and algorithm design presented in the Q & A.


Australian accounting firm

We have developed an algorithm that automatically categorizes multiple layers of accounting statements. As a result, we succeeded in reducing it to a simple error check work that had to use an accountant.


Digital marketing support company with multiple locations in the United States

We developed an AI algorithm for crawling client companies' data for Tumblr, Reddit, Youtube, and Instagram, and providing feedback to companies that want to monitor social media.


Operate platform business and robotics business to return AI to society

In SingularityNET activities, we developed AI-related papers around the world and original algorithms for crawling the entire web to predict the future of mid- to long-term AI, and collected and analyzed information.


US bio-startup

We analyzed where the longevity genes are located and when they start moving.

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